Basildon Side by Side is envisaged as a radical social movement that seeks to improve the quality of the lives of those living, working and visiting Basildon Borough. Its foundation principle is to see our diverse communities creating and owning solutions to local challenges, generating local confidence and capacity, which in turn, enables people to tackle the problems that they face. It seeks to ensure that communities own the right to say what is “good”; to determine the priorities; and to have a formative voice in what is happening. These will be the shared fundamentals of local social enterprise and investment and the basis of forging a better future for the Borough. Basildon has enormous potential and this is an opportunity to synergise, galvanise and maximise this, so that people can see beyond their existing expectations. Moreover, it goes beyond these to focus on realising more ambitious aspirations for their communities and the Borough as a whole. Basildon Side by Side will bring the Basildon Borough communities together to work in co-production with Basildon Borough Council, its partner organisations, businesses and other stakeholders to find solutions that will improve all aspects of life for those living, working and visiting the Borough.


Mission Statement

To create an enabling environment that supports individuals, groups and communities of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity; to realise their potential, address social isolation, inequality and insecurity, by improving the experiences of those living and working within the Basildon Borough



To achieve an inclusive Basildon Borough for everyone


       Key Objectives

    • Create an enabling and supportive environment for everyone to grow and thrive based on the guiding principle of co-production, with the Council as an ‘enabler.’
    • Create an Inclusive Basildon Borough for everyone
    • Look beyond division to achieve unity and cohesion.
    • Create an environment that enables communities to positively assert themselves in promoting their own development and that of Basildon Borough.