• BSBS Key Achievements – 2021
    Jan – 2021 – Launch of BSBS Feb – Registration of BSBS with  Companies House Feb – Talk to encourage BAME to take COVID Vacination March – Bank Account Opening March – Celebration of International Women’s Day March – Census Campaign Push March – Hate Crime Awareness Talk April – Funding Application Made to National […]
  • Support Staff Vacancy- Police
    The support staff application is permanently open if anyone is interested in the officer role. The Police is always encouraging members of the BAME group to be a part of the police . Please click on this link to here for more details .
  • Key Objectives
    The key objectives are to: Create an enabling and supportive environment for everyone to grow and thrive based on the guiding principle of co-production, with the Council as an ‘enabler.’ Create an Inclusive Basildon Borough for everyone Look beyond division to achieve unity and cohesion. Create an environment that enables communities to positively assert themselves […]
  • Social Impact
    The aim of social impact investing is to help solve pressing social challenges – not just through remedial change in investment, but in the ultimate purpose of investment itself. helping to tackle entrenched social challenges at scale.
  • Mission Statement
    To create an enabling environment that supports individuals, groups and communities of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity; to realise their potential, address social isolation, inequality and insecurity, by improving the experiences of those living and working within the Basildon Borough